Sometimes I have a real problem communicating effectively. Sometimes I cannot even account for the failure. I need to do better, but how?

It feels so good to do an honest good deed. I helped a stranger get gas for her car, and she needed a jump too. I hope she follows through with her agreement to pay it forward to three people in distress. Upping the level of good deedism in my local area, Brooklyn, NY.

I welcome the beauty and fire of the new day. I feel so alive, and in harmony with everything. I feel wholesome and strong and supple. I accept and swallow the blessings bestowed.

Taking on the challenge of learning something new is exhilarating and every time I do, I know more surely that there is only the limits of the flesh upon what I can learn.

Love is Gravity. Love is what holds everything together. Anti-Gravity is anti-Love. What are the mathematics of Love that we may put the unnatural in plain view, and build a stairway to the stars.

If you can’t change the world, then change yourself. If you have tried and tried but can’t change, then get harder until the world has to give way. but in the meantime, almost unnoticed you have given yourself away.

A small victory: 1000 digital pictures created this year so far. I been productive. A huge thank you to all of those who have been following along.

Sharpen the saw, do not withdraw, and go to the ball. Practice, don’t give up, and dance when the lights are on you. We all have our parts to play.

I was with over 100.000 people, all of us united in the desire to view some cool pyrotechnics.  However, it was all frosting for me. I had my fireworks in the afternoon. nudge nudge wink wink know what i mean, eh eh?

anastaceart asked: Cool- Hi Doug! I'm Anastace. I'm primarily a songwriter- I play shows around Toronto and I'm working on an EP with a cool guy in Sweden. [speaking of internet connections!] [If you want to hear stuff there's a link from my homepage/blog.] Art and photography I don't work so hard at, I just do it to enjoy it and challenge myself! That said, Tumblr is a fantastic community for artists and it's pretty validating to have people like the art we make. I'm sure you know... you make some fantastic stuff

Hey Anastace

Thanks for the props. I try to do interesting work. I love color, and broken patterns, and tessellations, and finally the point where a pattern becomes to complicated and breaks down. It is a very wavy edge, not as simple as you might think. Tumblr has become a great way to share the work and get some appreciation from afar. 

My day job is being a macintosh computer tech for a large publisher in NY.

I wish, however, to make my way with doing just Art and Music.

so, there it is in a nutshell

Shall we try and do some collaborative work? no pressure. or better yet how would you care to be more engaged in artwork that we can share and appreciate together?

here is some of the music I do

enjoy and I will be in touch.


what’s the use of worrying, it never was worthwhile. so. Pack up yer troubles in yer old kit bag, and smile, kid, smile smile smile.

upandmelting asked: Your art is amazing. Nuff said

Thank you so much. So nice to hear. stay tuned citizen

I reek of rock n’ roll awesomeness. 4 shows. 1 solo show. priceless

another musical adventure: off to Tucson to play a series of shows on Theremin, solo and with a band I admired very much back in the day.

I will be playing in How to Build a Rocketship.  Victory.

I give away pieces of my Life. It is seldom the ones who really deserve it get me.