If you seek light-heartedness, and thus are willing to let go of the thoughts that have been making you discontent, and instead focus on doing your best no matter what happens, you will find your steps are lighter on the pavement, and the everday magic that is all around will leap into your eyes.

I am asking the Universe to give me the strength and means to fulfill my heart’s desire. I wish to make my way doing artwork, and leave my dayjob behind. C’mon Universe, I will not be around forever.

Privilege is invisible to those who have it. But those on the other side of the fence see it, and hate the fact that they are dispossessed, or in fact never had or will never have the chance to be so favored. I belong to this group, and everyone I know is there too.

I wish I could fold up some people’s crap attitudes into attractive animal origami shapes. Then at least some jackasses might have a prettier semblance than they might otherwise.

Finding is not the same as having. Discovery is not a sure thing, but husbandry is up to you. Take care of what you have.

Solitude and privacy become commodities, not part of the free and plenty, in the crowded city.  The City demands accommodation from all who come to commune.

I am filled with the love of Music and Art. This weekend I saw Infected Mushrooms, and St Vincent, and my own music performance 2- 45 minute sets of Theremin played against Phil Kline’s Un-silent night. And my Art is hanging in the Gallery where I played. What a sweet Sunday Afternoon.

When you drag yourself outside, always something wonderful happens. When you drag yourself outside the box, or outside expectations or outside of competitiveness something wonderful happens.

There is enough stuff in the world to satisfy everyone. We need to make people more important than money, and commit to focused distribution of goods. If we need to start another war, let’s start a war on ignorance.

Let’s all raise our glasses to music and art—

Long live our fascination and mastery and enjoyment and sharing.

Support Living artists and musicians.

Sometimes I have a real problem communicating effectively. Sometimes I cannot even account for the failure. I need to do better, but how?

It feels so good to do an honest good deed. I helped a stranger get gas for her car, and she needed a jump too. I hope she follows through with her agreement to pay it forward to three people in distress. Upping the level of good deedism in my local area, Brooklyn, NY.

I welcome the beauty and fire of the new day. I feel so alive, and in harmony with everything. I feel wholesome and strong and supple. I accept and swallow the blessings bestowed.

Taking on the challenge of learning something new is exhilarating and every time I do, I know more surely that there is only the limits of the flesh upon what I can learn.

Love is Gravity. Love is what holds everything together. Anti-Gravity is anti-Love. What are the mathematics of Love that we may put the unnatural in plain view, and build a stairway to the stars.