You don’t know what you have until you have lost it. True. But when what has been lost is restored to you, it is even sweeter than it was. Praises.

I was feeling mad and frustrated about the fact I am not a rich and famous artist yet, and I did not realize just how heavy those burning feelings were, until I put them down. Rich and famous is just an unrealized goal. Not worth getting flustered over. I feel better.

The Earth has variable axial tilt, which accounts for the seasons, but it also means that when you stand outside your crown chakra sweeps to an entirely different part of the universe on each day and those imaginary tracings are scribbled spirals across the sky.

We are precariously balanced on the now, falling headlong into tomorrow, with one foot still touching yesterday, over and over.

Never is a very long time. Always implies perfect adherence. We focus our attention to the poles at either end, and let the middle take care of itself.

Being included or excluded is only a local temporary illusion. The absolute truth is we all belong. We are all included. Everyone. Always. One Family.

It is just as easy to carry around a positive attitude, rather than dwell on bad feelings. You have to go through your day from arising to bedtime no matter what. How much more healthy and wholesome it is to be a dedicated warrior of Light. Let positivity rule your day, inside.

I stopped and smelled the Roses today. I had the 2-scoop ice cream cone. I sat in the Sun. I meandered down 5th Ave. and felt mellow and Present.

Remember the Love you feel for someone is only as potent as its’ expression. Hidden, it is a flame that warms no one, and drains you.

The Present is the Hub; and the Past and Future spiral outwards and inwards from it. of the three the present is the only one that is real. The others are phantom wings with which we fly, or crash, inside our own heads.

doriankemar-deactivated20140918 asked: Sorry man, from now I will make sure to link your artwork - and any other artwork I find on Tumblr - to it's original creator / origin blog. If someone did that to me I would not be okay with it either. Again, sorry, and I love your blog!

No worries. Thank you for the kindness and understanding. Good luck to you, citizen!!

I get by with a little help from my friends. Gonna try with a little help from friends. Get high with a little help from my friends. Where would I be without my good friends and well wishers? Thanks for supporting this living artist.

If you seek light-heartedness, and thus are willing to let go of the thoughts that have been making you discontent, and instead focus on doing your best no matter what happens, you will find your steps are lighter on the pavement, and the everday magic that is all around will leap into your eyes.

I am asking the Universe to give me the strength and means to fulfill my heart’s desire. I wish to make my way doing artwork, and leave my dayjob behind. C’mon Universe, I will not be around forever.

Privilege is invisible to those who have it. But those on the other side of the fence see it, and hate the fact that they are dispossessed, or in fact never had or will never have the chance to be so favored. I belong to this group, and everyone I know is there too.